Many wildly successful companies have something in common – they entered an existing business category, and distinguished themselves by doing one thing better. Domino’s wasn’t better than the neighborhood pizza shop, but they figured out how to deliver a hot pizza to your door in 30 minutes. Doing the one thing of delivery better gave them category dominance.  Similarly, Walmart wasn’t the first department store, nor the first discount retailer. But Walmart created a delivery system where trucks were loaded at distribution centers with deliveries of all the items a particular store would need. The single-truck delivery massively reduced their transport costs, and that one thing allowed Walmart to compete and win on price.

Best in town label

What’s the one thing better that your business offers? If you can’t articulate it, your customers won’t notice it, and you’ll be relegated to commodity status – seen as interchangeable with any of your competitors.

At AMT, we do multiple things better than our competition, but our customers tend to notice these the most:

  • You don’t need internet access – Our mobile software applications work with or without internet access. You can create and complete work, even locally print documents without having to be connected to the internet. Yes, your back-office needs to be connected to the cloud, and that’s where all your data is stored, but the mobile app is self-contained, and automatically synchs your data to the back office once your mobile device connects to the internet. This makes mobile and location-based work more reliable.
  • Teams – Other solutions don’t support the way many reconditioning operations are structured. ReconPro and ReconMonitor track and support team assignments and multiple technicians working on the same vehicle. Rather than forcing you to adapt to a setup that doesn’t quite mirror your process, we configure the software to accommodate the way your business actually runs.
  • Device-level licensing – ReconPro and InspectionNotes can accommodate multiple users of the same device. We don’t require you to purchase licenses for each technician. This represents a substantial savings for teams working from a single fixed or mobile environment.

We’ve continued to develop and improve our software for more than a decade. When you choose an AMT product, the one thing better that you’ll get is management software that makes your business more efficient and profitable.