Setting goals is an essential part of running any business. But when your business is more specialized, such as a SMART repair business, it’s all about finding what makes you stand out among your competition. That way, when people are seeking the various services SMART repair shops offer for their car, you can be the first to answer the call.  

Since we’re still early in the year, this is the perfect time to gather your team together to set your goals for 2020. This is an essential step for any business to take. Otherwise, you might find yourself floating from one month to the next as you wait for hail season to make its arrival around springtime. Before that happens, people are still going to need SMART repair for their car, even in the cold winter months.

Here are a few no sweat, easy ways your SMART repair business can achieve its 2020 goals: 

  • Stay Committed: Too many times, business and even individuals will set goals, but rarely follow through with them. Goals require executing an action plan that will help you achieve them. Without one in place, you might face additional challenges that weren’t there before. Do you know how you and your team will achieve the goal? Once you establish your plan of action, your team will have a better possibility of success than by just winging it.


  • Be Flexible: Even with an action plan in place, how often do you notice things actually go ‘according to plan’? This is why you and your team need to remain flexible for any changes you might need to make to stay on track. Keep the end objective as the main focus, even if it means a few adjustments along the way. 


  • Be Prepared: As we just mentioned, things rarely go according to plan. This is where the importance of planning for any potential problems you might face. What are the possible obstacles that might prevent you from achieving your goals? How can you avoid them? And if they do happen, what are the strategies to overcome any of the obstacles? It’s always better to prepare for a worst-case scenario than be scrambling to find a quick solution if you run into an issue along the way. 


  • Track Progress: Achieving goals isn’t going to happen overnight. Tracking any progress is a simple way to see how you’re doing in pursuit of those goals. Check-in with your team for any adjustments and how close you are to achieving those goals. Celebrate any accomplishments along the way, as this is one of the best ways to create that motivation to keep moving forward! (Rocky, anyone?) 


  • Think Positive: It’s no surprise that thinking positive is an overall benefit to have, especially when you’re trying to accomplish any goal. Your positive thinking will reflect on your team, and as a result, your team will be more motivated to keep working towards the success that comes from achieving that goal. 

There you have it: 5 simple ways your SMART repair business can achieve its goals for this year. Go forth and make 2020 a prosperous year!