In the auto recon business, there is plenty of management software on the market claiming to do just about anything for your business, such as tracking accounts, creating invoices, as well as many other back-office necessities. However, not all software works in the same way.

While capabilities will vary from software to software, AMT’s ReconPro™ offers many benefits.

The ReconPro app is compatible with multiple iOS and Android phones and tablets. Once you have created and signed the service agreement to receive your activation code, you can download and update your application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

  • ReconPro was designed specifically for auto reconditioning business owners, so the entire application is very intuitive for anyone in the business.
  • ReconPro is a native app, so you don’t have to be connected to the internet to access all of the information on your device.
  • ReconPro runs very quickly because all of the information is stored on your device and is not relying on the internet connection to provide data.
  • ReconPro is approved by the app stores– meaning it was reviewed and certified as safe and secure.
  • ReconPro allows you to upload images and information from your desktop or mobile device, and store it securely in your back-office. This means information is available to you at the touch of a button, regardless of where you happen to be.
  • Estimates and invoices with your branding can be generated complete with notes and photographs, and tied to VIN or Stock numbers that you enter or scan directly with the camera on your mobile device. You can receive approvals on your device, via email, or through web-connect to keep your jobs moving at speed.
  • ReconPro integrates with QuickBooks and many other prominent accounting software solutions, so you avoid the time and potential errors of double data entry.
  • Team and Area Management functionality allows you to control the level of access any employee or manager has to company and customer data.

ReconPro is the industry’s most versatile and powerful software solution built for auto recon professionals. With essential tools for performing PDR and cosmetic damage estimates, hail and insurance matrixes, parts management, paint code lookups, integrations with body shop crash systems and accounting systems, too. ReconPro manages the details of running your business so you can focus on growing your business. Schedule a demo with us today.