Technology has always been a tool for helping businesses evolve and employees do their job more effectively. It’s contributed to the growth in companies, saved time and money, allowed for some jobs to be done virtually/practically anywhere. 

PDR MatrixAt first glance, manipulating metal in PDR might not be an area where you would expect to use technology. However, there are solutions to solve common issues faced by those who are working in PDR with their hands and their wits. Not having the latest technology is a sure-fire way to keep your business in the slow-moving lane forever. That’s why it’s essential to make technology a top priority to stay relevant and maintain a competitive edge. 

Here are some common problems and technology solutions for PDR technicians: 

  • Problem- Waiting for customer or insurance approval: Time is money, which is why you want to get the needed approvals as soon as possible. If things are backed up or delayed, especially from handwritten notes piling up in someone’s office, the approval time will be longer than it needs to be. In 2020, there is no reason to have handwritten documentation and approval processes in your business.
  • Solution: With technology such as ReconPro, you can save time by creating estimates, work orders, invoices, and receive approvals right from the convenience of your phone or tablet. This is especially convenient for mobile PDR techs who are on the lot and need to get a signature approval right away to get started on the repairs. ReconPro allows you to do all that, straight from your mobile device.


  • Problem- Set in your ways: It can be tough to accept change, especially technological change, which seems to be different with each passing day. Just look at how many people still use flip phones. Not everybody enjoys learning how to use new software or adopting a new business process, but it is vital for growth and evolution. Some technology might require training to implement the new processes, which is normal and part of adapting to these new changes. Once people start to adapt, the technology can pay for itself.
  • Solution: Gather everyone together to discuss the benefits that will come by implementing new technology into the workplace. Hold training sessions that allow your techs to become more familiar with the latest technology. Remind them how technology speeds up the work and makes business more efficient than ever before. A more efficient business means more cash flow, and who wouldn’t want increased income? 


  • Problem- Never feeling like you leave work. When you’re digitally connected to your work, especially if you’re a mobile PDR tech, you might feel as if the work never ends. Even with a “Do Not Disturb” feature on most cellular devices, does that work for techs whose office is on the road? This can lead to burnout and increased stress, making your workers feel as if they aren’t able to “disconnect” for a bit. 
  • Solution: Using digital software can allow for scheduling requests, text alerts, and auto-responders to keep communication active even if the technician is taking a needed rest. One great benefit of modern technology is it can also be used to encourage a healthier lifestyle. For example, alerts can be set to promote taking breaks and exercise. Even 15 minutes a day of stretching can do wonders to the body when your techs have been driving all day in pursuit of their next job site. Processes can also be created within these technologies that encourage how often they are on their device, working, creating estimates and invoices, etc. 

All technology was made to help people move towards a brighter future. With these technology solutions, you can quickly solve common problems PDR technicians face today.